The Platformer game Hero is the controller and fighter of the person playing him/her. Like all 4 of the Heros, they resemble the "good guy" of the game that they are in, as well as the protagonist. Without the Hero, the game cannot be played, so it serves as the lynchpin. The Platformer game Hero is 3-dimensional, although the game he is in is a side-scroller, a type of game usually played from a 2-dimensional perspective.


The Platformer Hero has the body very similar to a Ninja in both the present and current of the Hero's appearances. The clothing is also the same as both versions. They both carry black robes, gloves and boots.

Past AppearanceEdit

The head of the Hero had the same face of the Player who created the game it was in. The Player's game would feature his/her own avatar on the Hero's face.

Current AppearanceEdit

The head of the Hero's current appearance applies for every game, no matter who the creator of the game is. His head is again rectangular in shape, with pale green skin, serious eyebrows, circular eyes, and a straight mouth. The expression does not change, even when the Hero is hurt.

Uses in Combat

The Hero's main weapon is the Sword. It can be upgraded by equipping with the Big Sword, which deals 3x the damage. In the Platformer games, the Hero's life bar is counted as 100%, and can be compared to other Enemies as different percentages. The Hero's Speed, Power, Durability and Strength are also treated as a 100% to compare to all Enemies.


The Gameplay are the instructions used to control and use the Hero of the Platformer games.

Very basic instructionsEdit

(---> key = Right.) ( <--- key = Left.) (Down key = Down.) (Up key = up.)

Tricks and other UsesEdit

  • Using The Sword on blocks by hitting the spacebar and pressing up after a few seconds can cause the Player to Climb Walls until a limit is reached or the Sword runs out of momentum.
  • Crouching down on the ground by pressing the down key can cause the gravity to increase on the Hero when falling.

Perspectives on GameplayEdit

In games, the Hero is usually referred to as the Player, but instead, the Player is the person controlling the Hero in the game.


  • The Platformer Hero is the only single hero in its creator. The Shooter Game has the Ship and the RobotHero, and the 3D Mission Creator has 6 multiple characters.
  • The Platformer Hero is the only Hero whose Main weapon has been Upgraded.
  • The Platformer Hero is the only Hero whose aspects have been updated.

The Platfromer Hero is the only Single Hero in its game; the Shooter game includes ally ships and robots, and the 3-D Mission creator always starts with an extra CPU Player as an ally.

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